Sunday, February 5, 2012

Leftover Monday

We are doing our best to eat healthy, incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our meals and not waste things that we buy.  We're trying to figure out how to list all of the things that are in the fridge or freezer so that they don't spoil before we get a chance to eat them.  We are also trying to do more menu planning, or better menu planning.  It goes well for a few weeks, then life's little chaotic episodes take over and the plan drops.  I guess it's a constant battle but it's one that we're willing to fight so that we can keep our food fresh and healthy and produce less waste.
Our main/vegetable entree is a large spinach salad.  We added some meat from leftover chicken legs that we had for our dinner tonight.  Also included are yellow peppers and some French dressing on the side.  Molly is a fan of French dressing lately and while it is not the healthiest, she doesn't use it often so once in a while, it's fine.

Our fruit side is mixed fresh berries.  Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries to be exact.  We had this mix in our dessert this evening.  We made some sugar free lemon pudding and topped it with the berries.  Everyone was very pleased.

Our dairy side is a Frigo Cheese Head cheese stick.  Sometimes a salad can be filling and sometimes it can leave you hungry, so we added this as an option in case Molly is still hungry.

Finally, our dessert is a Chobani Champions Orange Vanilla Greek Yogurt.  Molly said that it tastes like a creamsicle so it's a perfect dessert for her.  It's also a great size for kids and adults alike because it is not too much, just a perfect sweet note for the end of a meal.


  1. Hi Shannon! I love reading your blog, Molly is a lucky girl. I noticed you wrote about the sugar content in the chobani yogurt. I have the same issue...I love the greek for the protein but always cringe at the sugar. Something that I do then is add my own "mix ins" to the plain yogurt, like maybe if you did portion control with a special treat of mini m & ms or something like that Molly could mix in herself? (like yocrunch) Its just a little suggestion from a fellow picky eater!
    <3 Callan

  2. Hmmmm, very good idea cousin!!! Do you like to put honey, agave or pure maple syrup in the plain yogurt first? Not sure if she'd eat it without anything in it first. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely try it!! ♥ You!

  3. Yes I do sometimes put Honey in!! I know that adding honey is adding sugar, but the sugar from the yogurt itself is 7g, so then anything above that is coming from the fruit, which is treated with cane juice. But basically I really hated the plain at first, and started adding in just a few chocolate chips or a little bit of honey and it made all the difference!

  4. After a doing a lot of research, I've figured out that there really isn't that much processed sugar in it. There is lactose in the yogurt itself, then the sugar in the fruit itself, the cane juice is pretty far down the list so I've decided that it is much better than the other regular (non-Greek) yogurts. We are trying to convert to a clean eating way of life but a little bit of sugar here and there is nothing to worry about. Especially since they are very active and burn it off quickly. It's better than a candy bar. ;)