Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Lunch

We had a few fun things in mind when deciding what to make for Molly's Valentine's Day lunch.  A little known fact is that Molly's Daddy makes the best chocolate chip pancakes in the world.  This was our stepping off point.  Molly's Daddy surprised the kids with some chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast yesterday morning.  It was then and there that breakfast for lunch with a Valentine's Day twist was the way to go.
Our main entree is Daddy's Famous Chocolate Chip Pancakes!  We cut them out with two different sizes of heart shaped cookie cutters.  We also added a few "hugs and kisses" for our valentine.

Our protein is turkey bacon and a heart shaped hard boiled egg.  We found the directions on how to make a heart shaped hard boiled egg on the internet.  Our yolk didn't quite look as nice as the one on the internet but we'll take what when can get on our first shot.  If you are interested in trying it for yourself, click here. We added a heart shaped pick to the bacon because we LOVE bacon at our house. (and we LOVE Molly!)

Our fruit side is strawberries that have been cut out using two small heart shaped cookie cutters.  We added a heart shaped pick to this box too.

Our dairy side is Chobani Champions Chocolate Chunk Greek Yogurt (out of the normal container).  We sprinkled it with a mix of Valentine sprinkles.

Finally, our mini-dessert is two Hershey's kisses because everyone needs kisses on Valentine's Day!  One is pink and one is silver, just perfect for our little valentine, Molly.

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