Sunday, August 26, 2012

1st Day of School Lunch

WOW!  That was fast!  Didn't I just write the post about the last day of school a few hours ago?  Seriously though, we are so excited for the new school year.  Molly and Bean packed their back packs, picked out their outfits and settled into their beds perfectly.  I remember it being like the night before Christmas.  I never slept well because I was SO excited to start school again.

Without further ado....LUNCH!
Bean's Lunch
Molly's Lunch

Our main entree for Bean is a Nutella and Peanut Butter and Company peanut butter sandwich on Trader Joe's whole grain bread.  We used our mini apple, alphabet and number cookie cutters to make some back to school shapes and our food safe markers to bring the apples to life.

Our main entree for Molly is Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto salad with some light Italian dressing.

Our vegetable side is a rainbow of bell peppers.  A favorite of both girls.

Our fruit side is figs and raspberries.  We drizzled a little bit of honey on the figs per the girls' request.

Finally, our dairy side is vanilla yogurt with little school bus sprinkles on it.  
We also made a little something for Molly and Bean's teachers.  We figured that a little survival kit would be a nice gift to start the new school year.
Some instant coffee, pretzels, milk and dark chocolate, raisins, antacids, vitamin C, gum and the teacher's favorite tool...the red pen. ☺

Happy 1st Day of School Everyone!


  1. LOVE your first day of school lunches, super cute!! Now, I am tempted to get a Laptop lunchbox after seeing you using yousr for a while:)

  2. Rina, you won't be disappointed if you get one. They are a fantastic investment. I didn't hesitate for a second when I bought our second set so that Molly's little sister, Bean, could have one. They have a nice variety of options too.

  3. I love the yummy food in their lunches! The salad really looks delicious! I bet the teachers loved their gifts.