Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Lunch of Summer

Our summer was, in a word, FANTASTIC!  We had a couple of impromptu trips, fun with family and friends and spent a LOT of time at the pool.  We enjoyed nights in our neighbor's back yard around the fire pit and caught fireflies while toasting marshmallows.  It was definitely a great time for all of us but alas, summer has come to an end and the school year starts on Monday.

Three Easy Lunchboxes sitting by the pool.  
A super yummy meal, we know it will be cool.
One last lunch before summer ends for school.

The girls enjoyed some leftover homemade pizza, celery and carrot sticks, and a black velvet plum.  They were all fueled up for the last swimming session before school starts.  
CJ had a homemade "lunchable".  We used a circle shaped cookie cutter to cut cheese to fit on his crackers.  We then rolled up two pieces of turkey and put Captain America rings on them to keep them rolled up.  Captain America is his absolute favorite character...EVER!

His vegetable side is Trader Joe's shredded carrots.  He even ate a few of them!  This is a big thing for us since he is kind of anti-veggie. 

We added a peeled clementine for his fruit and he really enjoyed it.  

See you Sunday night for our 1st Day of School Lunches!!!!  

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